Child Resistant

Pop Top Translucent Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes

140mm - Clear - 1400 Count


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Translucent Clear Child Resistant 140mm Pre-Roll Tubes for joints or blunts.

These Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes will keep product stored safely and securely, and protect prerolls from being crushed or torn while on display for sale or being carried home by customers.

This tube is slightly tapered and has a wider circumference at the top than the bottom. Please keep this in mind when deciding on labels for this item.

Material: Plastic
Capacity: Prerolls/Joints/Blunts
Color: Clear
Compatible Cap Size: Pop-Top
Total Height: 150 mm
Neck Height: n/a
Body Height: 150 mm
Top Diameter: 18.75 mm
Bottom Diameter: 16 mm
Outer Circumference: 63 mm (2¾ in.)
Recommended Max Label Size (mm) W x H: 60 mm x 140 mm

The recommended maximum label dimensions provided above are meant to be used as a guideline only. Please first consult with your label producer and provide the specifications and dimensions above in order to create a visually appealing package design. If you would like for more of your product to be visible, please consider reducing the recommended label height or recommended label width.

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