Child Resistant

Square Glass Concentrate Jars

9ml - 250 Count - Various Colors

SKU: 70-30130

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Store up to 2 grams of product in this simple square cube glass jar. This container comes with a white child resistant screw top cap to ensure a tight seal and keep your contents fresh and stored securely.

Child Resistant Caps are included with every order of these concentrate jars.

Material: Glass/Plastic
Color: Black/Black
Volume (mL): 9 mL
Concentrate Capacity: 1 to 2 Grams
Dram: 2.43 Dram
Compatible Cap Size: n/a
Total Height: 24 mm
Cap Height: 13 mm
Neck Height: 10 mm
Body Height: 9.25 mm
Outer Neck Diameter: 35 mm
Inner Neck Diameter: 30 mm
Base Dimensions: 42 mm x 42 mm
Material Thickness: 2.5 mm
Outer Body Circumference: 150 mm (6 in.)
Recommended Max Label Width: 148 mm
Recommended Max Label Height: 5 mm

It is recommended to label the caps of concentrate jars rather than the glass or plastic container portion. The dimensions above are included as a reference only, please measure your labels carefully to ensure they will fit onto your concentrate jars.

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