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UV Round Glass Concentrate Jars w/ Caps

5mL - Opaque Black - 95 Count

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These 5 mL Opaque Black Glass Concentrate Jars come in a case of 95 jars with matching caps.

Protect your product from both light and oxygen with these special 5mL UV glass jars with black caps. The screw on cap makes an airtight, smell proof and leakproof seal, and the jar is made of durable ultraviolet glass that prevents harmful, visible light rays from affecting the potency or color of the contents.

Light exposure can speed up the decaying process, so blocking it is imperative to preserving the potency and freshness of your goods for as long as possible. The sleek design is discreet and low profile. This combination of excellent features makes these jars very in-demand.

Customize Your Packaging:
Contact Biohazard Inc Private Label & Custom Packaging to have your brand's logo applied to this product! We can help you design your brand's image and logo, or we can assist with turning existing artwork into a package design. Besides providing protection for your product, a compelling package design grabs the attention of potential customers and communicates information about your products. Make sure your products stand out by creating packaging that gives a strong first impression and solidifies your brand.

Material: UV Glass
Color: Black
Volume (mL): 5 mL
Concentrate Capacity: 1 Gram
Dram: 1.35 Dram
Compatible Cap Size: n/a
Total Height (with Cap): 29 mm
Total Height (without Cap): 26 mm
Cap Height: 13 mm
Neck Height: 10 mm
Body Height: 16 mm
Outer Neck Diameter: 30 mm
Inner Neck Diameter: 24 mm
Base Diameter: 36 mm
Material Thickness: 3 mm
Outer Body Circumference: 118 mm (4½ in.)
Recommended Max Label Width: 115 mm
Recommended Max Label Height: 10 mm

It is recommended to label the caps of concentrate jars rather than the glass or plastic container portion. The dimensions above are included as a reference only, please measure your labels carefully to ensure they will fit onto your concentrate jars.

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jeremy griego
love the team

they always go above and behind even for the smallest business!!!!!

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