Cones 84mm Filling Device For Use With Electric Vibrating Table

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Cones® 84mm pre roll filling device has the capacity to fill 85 special small size cones at a time. This pre rolled cone filler is made from a durable, light weight, high performance plastic which has low friction and ware properties making it perfect for use on the vibrating base. The filler is washable using dish soap and water or can be cleaned using cleaning solutions and brushes also available on our site.

Cones used with this machine
The Original Hemp 84mm x 26mm Cones Special Small 1 1/4" - 900 Units

The Original Natural 84mm x 26mm Cones Special Small 1 1/4" - 900 Units

CONES + SUPPLY 84mm x 26mm 1 1/4" (900 Units)

Get the Vibrating Base

Cones Electric Vibrating Base


• Brand: Cones Original
• Type: Cone Filler
• Pre-Roll Size: 84mm
• Capacity: 85 Cones
• Requires the Cones Vibration Table (Not Included)

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