Dab Tool

5" Glass Pencil - 5 Count

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The average pencil is 5" in length. so this Dab Tool is 5" in length. It's made from highly durable borosilicate glass which is able to endure high temperatures. 

Pencils need to be sharpened, so the size of this dab tool gives off the appearance of a shortened pencil that has been recently sharpened. Its design makes it inconspicuous. It's comprised of several colors. The top of the pencil is red, close to the color of an eraser on a standard No. 2 pencil. The stem is yellow and the pointed tip is transparent blue while the part imitating pencil lead is black. 

This dabbing tool functions like any other implement used for handling sticky concentrates. It's heat resistant, and because of its design can easily camouflage when not in use. 

Because of its unique design, it doesn't look anything like an ordinary dabbing tool. This is such a great buy for any person looking to add an uncommon piece to their collection. This item is sure to spark up a conversation about its design and functionality--an ideal item for dispensaries and smoke shops. Purchase wholesale and add to a display case among other items of interest. 


  • Length: 5"
  • Materials: Borosilicate Glass
  • Colors: Assorted 
  • Quantity: 5 Pencil Dabbing Tools

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