EZ Splitz

'Non Pre-Priced' FIRE Cigarillo Blunt Splitter & Lighter Holder

Assorted Colors - 20 Count

SKU: 50-50842

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The one and only original blunt splitter EZ Splitz, now with a keychain and a lighter holder! Splitting cigars has never been easier. Simply add your compatible mini BIC lighter, insert cigarillo in one end of the EZ Splitz and pull through to have a perfectly sliced cigar. Never lose your lighter with the EZ SPLITZ FIRE!

 Light and split your cigarillos in one go!

  • 20 Units
  • 53mm x 19mm x 26mm
  • Display Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 4"
  • Size: Cigarillo
  • Keychain included
  • 5 assorted colors*
  • Brand: EZ SPLITZ
  • Compatible with BIC Minis
  • Lighter Not Included


*Based on availability

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