Knockbox 50 with Standard Filling Kit

Preroll Filling Machine

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A smaller version of the Futurola Knockbox, this filling machine can evenly fill 50 preroll cones in 2 minutes. The Futurola Knockbox 50 comes with a Standard Filling Kit, base, power cord, and spill tray.

The Standard Filling Kit includes the Standard Filling Device, a 36mm mix tray, and an Unload Station+. Futurola is dedicated to creating some of the most reliable industrial filling machines.

Please note that Knockbox 50 components are not currently sold separately from the Base Model. Please ensure that you would like to order this Futurola KB50 with the Standard Filling Kit before completing your order.

Knockbox 50 includes:

  • Knockbox 50 Base Model
  • Controller
  • Power Cord
  • Spill Tray

Standard Filling Kit: 

  • Standard Filling Device
  • 36mm Mix Tray
  • Unload Station+ (Standard Size)
  • Wooden Box


  • Capacity: 50 Cones
  • Base Model Compatibility: Knockbox 50

Cone Compatibility: 

  • 1¼ 84/26 - 0.6 Gram
  • Slim 98/26 - 0.8 Gram
  • King 109/21 - 1 Gram
  • King 109/26 - Gram

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