Knockbox Unload Station+ for Mini Cones

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Futurola Knockbox filling machines are used to create bulk amounts of prerolls and can fill 100 cones in just minutes. This device is particularly useful for dispensaries that prepare large amounts of prerolls for their customers.

This multiversal Unload Station+ is a component of a Knockbox 100 and is used to hold cones upright during the filling process. It is lightweight and made from durable acrylic. Please note that this item is not compatible with all Futurola Knockbox models.

When in use, this Unload Station rests upon your Futurola Knockbox device, and each hole of the unload station is loaded with a cone to be filled with ground flower.

Futurola also manufactures industrial shredding machines available right here on Biohazard Inc to maximize efficiency of the flower grinding process.


  • Capacity: 100 Cones
  • Base Model Compatibility: Knockbox 100

Cone Compatibility:

  • Mini 60/26 - 0.3 Gram
  • Please note that this Unload Station+ was designed specifically for Futurola's Mini Cones.

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