Knockbox Unload Station+ Standard/Slender

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Futurola's filling devices have has revolutionized the filling process. Compatible with multiple pre-roll sizes, the Unload Station+ paired with a compatible filling machine makes producing prerolled joints in large quantities an easy and convenient process. 

Futurola's Unload Station + can be loaded with 100 cones and allows the user to easily fill up all of the cones with the desired amount of ground flower in minutes.

This Unload Station+ rests upon your Futurola Knockbox, and each hole of the unload station is loaded with a cone to be filled with ground flower.

This component and the Futurola devices are ideal for anyone who operates a dispensary. Time is valuable. Never again have to fill and roll each individual preroll by hand.

Futurola is updating their product terminology to refer to the Reefer Filling Kit as a Slender Filling Kit.


  • Capacity: 100 Cones
  • Base Model Compatibility: Knockbox 100
  • Standard/Slender Size

Cone Compatibility:

  • 1¼ 84/26 - 0.6 Gram
  • 1¼ Straight 84/26 - 0.5 Gram
  • Standard 98/26 - 0.8 Gram
  • King 109/26 - 1 Gram
  • King 109/21 - 1 Gram
  • Reefer 98/26 - 0.6 Gram
  • Reefer 98/30 - 0.5 Gram
  • Please note that this Unload Station+ is not compatible with Futurola's Mini Cones.

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