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SKU: 80-30159

Flavor: Peach Tree | 2 Pack | 20 Count
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Brought to you by King Palm, these rollies are made from Cordia palm leaves.

These rollies each hold a half gram of flower and slowly burn while being smoked, which is essential for any smoker. Whether you're taking a few hits or smoking the whole rollie, these wraps are going to allow the smoker to enjoy their entire session without having to rush.

These wraps are tobacco-free; they come pre-rolled, so all the user needs to do is pack them--no rolling needed.

Any smoker who prefers wrapping their flower instead of using a bowl or water pipe would gravitate towards this product.

• Tobacco & Chemical Free

Brand: King Palm™
Flavors: Natural, Cherry Charm, Gelato Cream, Peach Tree, Perfect Pear
Material: 100% Real Cordia Palm Leaf
Quantity: 2-5

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