King Palm™

Organic Prerolls XL

100 Count

SKU: 80-30073

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King Palm Organic Pre-Rolls are completely free of tobacco and chemicals and made from only 100% real palm leaf.

Incredibly easy to use, they come with a natural corn husk filter, which can be bit or squeezed for smoother, cooler smoke. Pack with your favorite ground product for a super slow burning, tobacco-free blunt!

This Bulk Box is an incredible wholesale value! Packed full with 100 pre-rolls, create your own multi-packs, or give them away as freebies with any dry herb sale! King XL Size rolls have a capacity of 3 grams.

With the Boveda humidity control packet, this box is guaranteed fresh for at least one full year after purchase.

Bulk Box Includes:

•100 King Palm King XL Sized Rolls
•Packing Stick
•Weight: 1.0 lbs

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