Luer Lock

Concentrate Glass Syringe w/ Metal Plunger

1mL - 100 Count

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Hailed as the favored dabs application tool on the market; these syringes are perfect for dispensing dabs and oil without spoiling a drop. This airtight glass syringe delivers out your concentrate with precision. This generous 1ml syringe is one of the healthiest and simplest ways to distribute concentrates, combining medical grade craftsmanship with an included cap to lock in the freshness. Made from high quality heat-resistant Borosilicate glass. For processors and cannabis businesses, these glass syringes disassembles into 3-pieces for easy filling and cleaning. This product is pre-sterilized as well as shipped in sterile packaging so that they are able to be filled right from the get go. Working with concentrates can be sticky business but glass syringes are the perfect solution to cutting out the messiness. The metal plunger makes your product unique and easier to fill.

  • Unit Price: $1.50
  • 100 Units
  • Size: 1ml
  • Assembly: Three parts
  • Heat resistant and airtight
  • Medical grade and sterile packaged
  • Luer Lock Cap Included

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