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Ribbed Plastic Cap

89mm - Black

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These 89mm black plastic caps have a matte top surface and ribbed sides and are compatible with 89mm jars. This cap will keep product stored in large jars fresh and potent for dispensing to your customers.

The matte finish of the top of this cap will prevent low adhesive stickers from adhering properly. Please ensure that the adhesive on your labeling will stick properly to a non-gloss finish surface.

The ribbed sides of this cap help to maintain grip while opening and closing the container that it is attached to.

Jars sold separately.

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Surface Finish: Matte
Liner: Foam
Child Resistant: No
Inner Diameter: 89 mm
Thread Finish: 89-400
Height: 15 mm
Diameter: 91 mm
Labeling Diameter: 75 mm
Circumference: 290 mm (11⅜ in.)

The labeling diameter refers to the usable amount of space on the top surface of a cap for a round sticker. Please note that if opening and closing instructions are included on a cap, the diameter is reduced so as to not obscure the debossed or embossed text.

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