'Retail Display' Glass Tips

8mm - Assorted Colors - 75 Count

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Developed by RooR, this bulk pack of 8mm Roor Glass tips comes with 75 individually packaged glass tips in a large jar to be displayed on a countertop or shelf in your smoke shop or dispensary. Each tip bears RooR's signature logo. Singular glass tips are a great impulse buy for anyone looking to improve their smoking experience.

These borosilicate glass tips can endure high temperatures and are used to make prerolls with a clean tip. They are 8mm in width and 30mm in length, so they are small enough to keep out of sight when not in use and stored on your person.

Glass tips serve multiple purposes. They are used as an alternative to paper or cardboard filters which prevent the marijuana from entering the smoker's mouth during smoke sessions. They also allow the user to handle the joint without getting the base of it moist with saliva. They protect the user's fingertips from being burned when the joint becomes a roach.

It acts as a barrier that keeps the marijuana in the rolling paper, and as a holder that allows the user to handle the joint safely while being able to smoke all of the flower so that there is no waste. Its multifunctionality makes smoking economical and allows for convenience during use.

Each glass tip comes with its own plastic, cylindrical carrying case. The plastic cap creates an airtight seal that will keep the smell of marijuana concealed within the case so that no unwanted odors stick to the user's clothing.


  • Quantity: 75 units
  • Size: 8mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Assorted

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