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Clear Laboratory Glass - Wide Mouth

3,500 mL

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DURAN® BAFFLED, WIDE MOUTH BOTTLE GLS 80® During mixing in standard GLS 80® laboratory bottles, the liquid moves in a swirling motion that approximates a solid-body rotation. The entire fluid, and any suspended particles, moves like a carousel. This is a very inefficient flow pattern, and very little mixing actually occurs. By adding three vertical baffles into the inner surface of the GLS 80® bottles, the swirling motion is disrupted, and a much more effective mixing occurs. The baffles improve the top-to-bottom circulation and produce a greater radial mixing. The baffles also offer other advantages such as suppressing the formation of a central vortex, and reducing dead-zones where mixing does not occur.

• Size: 3500ML Wide Mouth
• Brand: Duran
• Made in Germany


• Aerating
• Dissolving
• Emulsifying
• Homogenizing
• Mixing
• Suspending


• The baffled GLS 80® bottles are fully compatible with both the DURAN® GLS 80® magnetic stirrers, and other magnetic stir bars.
• Manufactured from DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass, renowned for its excellent thermal performance and high resistance to chemical attack.
• The baffled GLS 80® bottles are fully autoclavable.
• Available in three convenient sizes: 250, 500,1000, 2000 and 3500 ml.
• The wide 65 mm inner diameter of the GLS 80® wide mouth provides easy access to the contents, or for cleaning.
• The baffles are moulded into the glass side wall of the bottles and form a continuous, smooth inner surface making clean up easy.
• Compatible with full range of wide mouth GLS 80® connection cap systems for liquid addition or removal when mixing with stir bars.
• The bottles feature an easy-to-read graduated volume scale

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