Pre-Rolled Cones King Size 3-Pack

109mm - Ultra Thin - 30 Count

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Always be prepared for your next session with the Vibes Cones Box - King Size. King size cones can hold around 1 gram of material. Each box contains 30 coffins of King Size Vibes Cones with 3 cones in each box, giving you 90 King Size Vibes Cones. The Vibes Ultra Thin Cones - King Size offers the thinnest paper available for a king-size cone. By using such thin paper your sessions won’t be sullied by “paper smoke” overpowering your dry herb’s smoke. These king size cones offer the best flavor experience of the three options.

  • 30 Units
  • 90 Cones
  • Size: King Size Cones
  • Material: Ultra Thin
  • Even and Slow Burning
  • 109mm Cone
  • 30mm Filter Tip

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