Wrap & Rake

Triple Rim Water Pipe

6" - 14mm - Various Colors

SKU: 10-50621

Color: Aqua
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This red water pipe is only 6" in height. It's small enough to make storing it convenient. The female joint on it is 14mm in diameter and is able to fit a male attachment that is 14mm in diameter at its widest point. 

This piece is clear but the water chamber and bowl contain wrap and rake designs reminiscent of feathers. Its mouthpiece is red. Three rims protrude from the center of it, giving it a bit of personality and a different look. 

The neck has been designed with practicality in mind. The neck is curved which is going to separate the user from the torch or lighter's ignited flame. The curve also allows for a comfortable smoking position where the user doesn't have to crane their neck in order to achieve optimal comfort. 

This water pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass which can endure high temperatures from a lighter or torch without cracking or breaking. 

Order wholesale today with Biohazard Inc. Adding this piece to any showcase is sure to attract the attention of browsing customers.

    • Made In USA
    Brand: Wrap & Rake
    Colors: Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Rasta, Red
    Material: Glass
    Percolator: Inline
    Height Size: 6 Inches
    Joint Size: 14mm
    Joint Type: Female
    Downstem Size: N/A
    Diameter: 32mm
    Glass Thickness: 4mm

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