Concentrate Containers

Round Glass Shoulder less Concentrate Jars w/ Silicone Cap

6mL - Clear - 144 Count

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This No Neck Concentrate Container is made from high grade borosilicate glass, the industry standard for manufacturing glass water pipes and dab rigs.

The container without the lid is designed with the ability to be heated directly over an open flame. Whether it be a torch or lighter this glass is capable of being heated to high temperatures necessary for dabbing.

Manufactured to not only be durable but lightweight and compact, they are a great packaging solution for any cannabis business to display and dispense medical or recreational concentrates, waxes or oils.

The silicone cap is quick, easy and efficient to use with the jar and provides an airtight seal to keep all your medication fresh in odorproof and leakproof containers.

• Material: Borosilicate Glass
• Size: 6ml
• Silicone cap
• Attributes: No Lip
• Use: Concentrates, Oils, Wax, Dabs

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